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Brookside Residents,

As you are aware we have been experiencing a severe cold weather period that will be lasting for at least another week.  Unfortunately, some pipes in units have become frozen. The maintenance team is working very diligently to unfreeze these pipes as quickly as possible.  If you are experiencing frozen pipes, please contact the on-call service at 845-635-2600 to report this issue and a member of the maintenance team will be to your unit as soon as they possibly can.

We have noticed the pipes that are affected are those in the kitchen and bathrooms, along the outside walls and floors in both upstairs and downstairs units and in town homes. As a preventative measure we are asking if you could please keep your kitchen and bathroom cabinets opened to allow the heat to penetrate under the cabinets and to raise the heat temperature thermostat 1-2 degrees.  Additionally, please make sure to keep the space heaters on in the entry way.

We appreciate your attention to this matter in advance.